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Calibration Equipment

Calibration is required to verify that the instrumentation used for testing equipment before and during service are safe to operate in the field and will mitigate risk to people and the environment. OGME offers many calibration services  as well as calibration equipment to serve your needs in the field.

Additel Calibration

Additel 106A Intelligence Digital Pressure Module
Additel 221A, 222A, 223A Process Calibrator
Additel 286
Additel 672 Digital Pressure Calibrator
Additel 760
Additel 761
Additel 875 Dry Well Calibrator
Additel 928
Additel 936
Additel 938
Additel 946A
Additel 949 Pump
Additel 959A Pump
Additel 960 HP Pump
Additel Acal Basic

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Budenberg Calibration Equipment

BGH-2600 Hydrolic Deadweight Tester
BGH-700 Hydrolic Deadweight Tester
BGH-120 Hydrolic Deadweight Tester

Other deadweights and calibration is available please follow the link.

Deadweights are mechanical instruments used to measure pressure very accurately, typical accuracies are 0.01% of reading of the instrument. Deadweights use a known volume in a piston to a known mass of weights to determine the pressure, which is generated with a screw pump on the instrument, it is the most accurate way to measure pressure.  All pressure instrumentation is traced back to a mechanical deadweight, if you want to measure pressure accurately in your metrology lab you need a deadweight.  The exact pressure is determined when the piston floats the weights that are stacked on the table. 


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