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Budenberg Pressure Gauges

OGME is the licensed authorized distributor of the Budenberg Gauge line in the USA.  Budenberg is the premier supplier for pressure gauges in the industrial, offshore, and petrochemical European markets. With a wide variety of applications, Budenberg Gauge Co manufactures industrial pressure gauges, true test gauges, process gauges, harsh environment gauges, differential gauges and low cost utility gauges. OGME is the licensed distributor of Budenberg instrumentation here in the USA. Budenberg Gauge Co has fostered a worldwide reputation for high quality and reliable instrumentation.

Budenberg Pressure Gauges

OGME standard stock includes the Budenberg Pressure Gauge Models Below:

Budenberg 726 (standard stock)

Budenberg 736 (standard stock)

Budenberg Gauge general info data sheet

Budenberg 269 - the can piercing vacuum gauge used in the milk industry for testing that milk cans are sealed properly

 Injection quills - used for injecting product into a service line or to take samples from a service line

Budenberg Pressure Gauges

Specialty Gauges

Budenberg 950
Budenberg 566
Budenberg 202
Budenberg CSE - diaphragm seals
Budenberg 6GM - overrange protection for gauges 

For more information, please visit the Budenberg website at 

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