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  • OGME Chart Recorders

    OGME builds and certifies both New and Reconditioned chart recorders.  We offer three styles of new chart recorders an exact replica of the Barton 242E chart recorder, an exact replica of the Barton 202E flow chart recorder and the OGME Pelican case chart recorder. Please see OGME Recorder Manual, OGME Recorder Literature, Pelican Case Recorder, or DPU Literature for more information.

  • Reconditioned Barton Chart Recorders

    OGME builds and certifies reconditioned Barton Chart Recorders. We offer two styles of reconditioned Barton chart recorders, both the Barton pressure and temperature chart recorder and a Barton Flow chart recorder, which are completely disassembled, sandblasted, painted then reassembled with both new and used parts.

  • Chart Recorder Parts

    OGME carries in stock all parts necessary to repair your chart recorder, including static pressure elements, Sonceboz chart drives, temperature elements, rebuilt and new bellows and all internal and external parts.  Please see Chart Recorder Parts List, DPU Literature, OGME Recorder Literature, Static Element Document,  725 Springwound Clock, and 820 Battery Operated Clock.

  • Budenberg Pressure Gauges

    Budenberg Pressure Gauges. OGME is the licensed authorized distributor of the Budenberg Gauge line in the USA.  Budenberg is the premier supplier for pressure gauges in the industrial, offshore, and petrochemical European markets. With a wide variety of applications, Budenberg Gauge Co manufactures industrial pressure gauges, true test gauges, process gauges, harsh environment gauges, differential

  • Keller Gauge Leo Record

    OGME offers a digital pressure gauge and data logger called the Leo Record in an array of different ranges.  This gauge allows you to record data and download the stored information to your computer.  You also have the option to upload data to an excel spread sheet.  Please see Keller Gauge literature for more information.

  • Pelican Case Chart Recorder

    O.G.M.E. Pelican Case Recorder: O.G.M.E. Oil and Gas Measurement Equipment Phone: 713-263-9740 Fax: 713-263-9741 Email:

  • Differential Pressure Units

    O.G.M.E. Differential Pressure Unit  Up to three sensing pens 2500# Safe Working Pressure 316 SS Bellows Unit Assembly Available in a number of different configurations, up to three pens Static pressure element Temperature element Sonceboz clock (please specify) Accuracy: +/- .5% Full Scale

  • Chart Drives - 725 Springwound Clock by Sonceboz

    Spring wound 11-Jeweled escapement Interchangeable with CDS 820 battery chart drive A standard in most circular recorders See Full Technical Data for 725 Springwound Clock by Sonceboz

  • Chart drives - Battery Operated Clocks

    See Full Chart Drive Sheet Standard feature battery chart drives Part N° Mounting plate type Output shaft Approvals 820R001 A ¼“Dia. CCW UL 820R005 A ¼ “Dia. CW UL 820R006 B ¼ “Dia. CCW UL 820R007 C Threaded CCW UL 820R011 A ¼ “Dia. CCW CUL Special feature battery chart drives Part N°Mounting plate type Output shaft Special feature Approvals 820R018 A ¼ “Dia. CCW 820R029 A ¼ “Dia. CCW Rotation

  • Static Pressure Elements

    Oil and Gas Measurement strives to provide our customers with the premier products on the market today.  The accuracy and repeatability of our chart recorder is second to none in the industry and it all starts with our static elements.  Each of these elements is handcrafted to perfection to maximize accuracy, in the measurement of pressure. 

  • Orifice Plates

    OGME carries in stock 316SS universal orifice plates that are in the BETA ratio from .15 thru .75, other materials available upon request.  We can also provide paddle type orifice plates in a variety of different materials and can ship two days after order is place.  Please see Orifice Plate Document for more information.

  • Orifice Fitting Parts

    OGME can provide you with all parts necessary to rebuild your Daniel Senior Fitting, including new style A.P.I. 14.3 plate carriers.  We can also provide you with both old style AGA3 and new style A.P.I. 14.3 notched orifice seal rings.  Please see Orifice Fitting Parts for more details.

  • Temporary Strainers

    Temporary Strainers. OGME offers temporary or start up strainers for temporary use in your process systems, plants, compressors, refineries, and pipelines.  These strainers are for temporary use and should not be used for extended service.  We can also rebuild your permanent strainer baskets, but you must send us a sample of your strainer basket.  Please see OGME Strainer and OGME Strainers 2 docu

  • Sample Scoops

    OGME can provide you with your sample probes or insertion probes, which are designed to optimize product flow to samplers or densitometers.  We can design in any configuration desired.  Please see Sample Probes documents  (page 1, page 2) for ordering information or contact one of our sales representatives.

  • Pycnometer

    OGME can provide you with your ARCCO Anubis Pycnometer.  ARCCO is the premier supplier of thermos pycnometer in the world and OGME is proud to represent them.  Get all the equipment necessary here at OGME to prove your Density meters and Gravitometers.  Please see a PYC-INFO document for more information.

  • LACT Unit Components

    OGME can provide you with components for LACT units (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Units) including Backpressure Valves, 3-Way Divert Valves, Air Eliminators, and B.S.&W. Probes set up with the Invalco card.  Please call today for more information about our LACT Unit Components.

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