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OGME Chart Recorders

OGME builds and certifies both New and Reconditioned chart recorders.  We offer three styles of new chart recorders an exact replica of the Barton 242E chart recorder, an exact replica of the Barton 202E flow chart recorder and the OGME Pelican case chart recorder

Information on our Differential Pressure Units (DPU) for our OGME Chart Recorders



Oil & Gas Measurement Equipment Company’s roots are in process recording. Over thirty years ago we hand made every recorder component from scratch. We’re still exercising the same care, only under a more modern and efficient approach.

Today, the OGME recorders are a model of design efficiency, providing ease of use in a durable field-tested package. Accuracy and repeatability are second to none. Our 12” OGME Chart Recorder is available in a variety of different sensor and mounting configurations. The OGME hinged pen assembly is standard on all recorders and they come equipped with either a Sonceboz 820 Multispeed battery operated clock or sonceboz mechanical spring wound clock.


All helical elements produce a full 17 degrees of rotation, are constructed of temperature insensitive stainless steel alloy, meet n.a.c.e. mr-0175 as standard and feature precise movement of the coil. Temperature elements are available in a variety of configurations including full line compensation for extra long spans. Precision- formed bellows assemblies deliver accurate measurement of low pressures. It all adds up to the highest level of resolution available in a mechanical chart recorder on the market today.

OGME Series Chart Recorder Product Specifications


Housing: Cast aluminum
Dimensions: Overall 20” x 14” x 6”
Weight: 30 pounds
Mounting: panel, 2” pipe mount, shock mount or stand and handle
Security: Optional locking hasp
Coating: black powder coat

Sensing Elements:

Up to three sensing pens
Stainless Steel Helical wound bourdon tubes, per n.a.c.e. mr-0175
helical pressure element ranges 0- 50 psi thru 0- 30,000 psi ranges available.
Temp system with1 ¾” x 11/16” temp sensing bulb with armoured capillary
standard ranges 0- 150° f., 0- 200°f., 0- 300°f., 0 100°c….other ranges and capillary links available upon request.


Accuracy to 1% of full scale for pressure elements and temperature elements
Temperature: -40 to +300 degrees Fahrenheit
Up to 50’ of Capillary

OGME Chart Recorder Features:

Up to three recording pens
Sonceboz 820 multispeed Battery
Operated Chart Drive
Parts that interchange with barton/pmc/cliffmock

See Full OGME Chart Recorder Manual

Reconditioned Barton Chart Recorders

OGME builds and certifies reconditioned Barton Chart Recorders. We offer two styles of reconditioned Barton chart recorders, both the Barton pressure and temperature chart recorder and a Barton Flow chart recorder, which are completely disassembled, sandblasted, painted then reassembled with both new and used parts.

Pelican Case Recorder

O.G.M.E. Pelican Case Recorder:
The OGME Pelican Case Recorder is made from the rugged, water proof and very durable Pelican case.  This recorder was designed to be easily carried, lightweight, and portable.  The ergonomic handle feels like an extension of your hand, and the recorder carries very much like your briefcase or tool bag.  This rugged chart recorder was made for the field and to withstand the vigorous workload that your job sight requires.  We can configure your recorder with up to two sensing pens:  pressure, temperature, vacuum, or a combination of two; we also offer this recorder in a number of different colors please call today and get your quote.  Each recorder comes with an NIST traceable certification and is accurate to 1% or better of full scale.  

Most of the parts used in these recorders are the same parts that are used in the Barton 242 chart recorder, because of this we can convert your existing chart recorder into a Pelican case recorder at a very reasonable cost.  Your satisfaction is our concern, so once we receive your order we can build, certify and have your recorder ready to ship in 5 to 10 business days.  OGME strives to make sure that you will receive stellar customer service and an absolute superior product; please call one of our very knowledgeable and qualified sales representatives today for your quote, we look forward to hearing from you.  

Pelican Case RecorderPelican Case RecorderPelican Case Recorder



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