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BS&W Card

The BS&W Probe is a component on a LACT Unit that measures the Basic Sediment and Water in crude oil.  You can set the percentage of acceptable BS&W and once the oil running through the LACT unit exceeds the allowable BS&W the probe will signal to a pump to shut off or signal to actuate a divert valve to send oil to a bad oil tank.  The BS&W Probes we sell are direct replacements for Invalco Probe and are set up to accept the 4528 round BS&W Card. 

Rebuilt Invalco 4528 BS&W Cards:

We keep in stock ready to ship re-built Invalco 4528 BS&W cards.  All cards are brought to as new specifications and are tested before shipment.  All we need from you is your old card for exchange.

Rebuilt Invalco 4728 BS&W Monitors:BS&W Monitor

We also keep in stock ready to ship rebuilt Invalco 4728 BS&W Monitors.  All monitors are completely reconditioned and tested to verify performance and accuracy.  We just need your non working monitor for exchange. 

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LACT Unit Components

OGME can provide you with components for LACT units (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer Units) including Backpressure Valves, 3-Way Divert Valves, Air Eliminators, and B.S.&W. Probes set up with the Invalco card.  Please call today for more information about our LACT Unit Components.

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