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Standard feature battery chart drives

Part N° Mounting plate type Output shaft Approvals
820R001 A ¼“Dia. CCW UL
820R005 A ¼ “Dia. CW UL
820R006 B ¼ “Dia. CCW UL
820R007 C Threaded CCW UL
820R011 A ¼ “Dia. CCW CUL

Special feature battery chart drives

Part N°Mounting plate type
Output shaft Special feature Approvals
820R018 A ¼ “Dia. CCW
*96 days speed optimal for survey recordings UL
820R025 A ¼ “Dia. CCW High torque 72 IN-OZ UL
820R029 A ¼ “Dia. CCW
Faster speeds 30 min - 1 hr - 2 hr - 4 hr - 6 hr - 8 hr
- 12 hr - 1 d - 2 d - 3 d - 4 d - 7 d UL


Rotating speeds
Test: 60 min 96 min
Standard: 12 hr - 1 d - 2 d - 7 d - 8 d - 14 d - 16 d - 31 d - 32 d
Accuracy Quartz controlled
ON OFF On selector
Function indicator Pulsating LED indicates functioning
Standard: Counter clockwise (CCW)
Clockwise (CW) - please specify
Standard: ¼ diameter
Threaded Foxboro - please specify
No axial output shaft side play
No angular backlash
Torque 25 IN-OZ at all speeds
Operating temperature range -40º F to 160º F
Corrosion protection Sealed with gasket
Power supply 1.5 V Alkaline “C” Size Battery


 Battery life  SPEED
60 minutes
24 hours
7-31 days
2 weeks
6 months
24 months
 32º F
1 week
4 months
16 months
 -5º F
1 week
3 months
12 months

Mounting: No additional standoffs required
UL Listed: class 1 Groups C & D
CUL Listed: class 1 Groups C & D
Intrinsically safe chart drive
Patent US patent 4.492.905


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Distributors / Service Companies
Throughout the US and Canada
Special requirements upon customer specifications. Right to change reserved.
Special requirements upon customer specifications. Right to change reserved. < 1.0 >
Drawing not to scale. All dimensions in inches.

• A - Universal mounting plate • B - Pear-shaped mounting plate
• C - Foxboro-style plate

Versatile / Convenient

The CDS 820 incorporates 11 switch selectable speeds which make it usable for different applications. The universal mounting plate makes the CDS 820 fit in all major brands of recorders. No additional standoffs are needed. Retrofit/conversion can be performed easily in a shop or in the field. A ¼ diameter output shaft with flat and the threaded

Foxboro shaft are available from stock. Other shafts are available upon request.
The field technicians requested the important new features of the CDS 820. A rugged rotating speed selector for 11 speeds. Fast test speeds, 60 min. and 96 min. revolution. All documentation speeds to as slow as 32 days/revolution.

An “off” position saves battery life. A pulsating red status light indicates that the unit is working. Hence a time saver, eliminating double checking of chart movement. This is particularly valuable in applications requiring slow rotational speeds. A body pilot is locating the CDS 820 on the mounting plate. Removing 3 screws permits exchange of chart drive. No recalibration is necessary
Special requirements upon customer specifications. Right to change reserved.

Accurate / Reliable

Engineered and manufactured by SONCEBOZ, the timing of the CDS 820 is based on the inherent precision of the quartz movement concept. Scrupulous attention to detail resulted in a unit with no axial output shaft side play or angular backlash, which ensures an exact pen stroke.
The high quality of the CDS 820 makes it the most trouble free of any available chart drive. A 1.5 V alkaline “C” battery can be used to power the chart drive. The battery compartment is separated from the drive mechanism. A sturdy housing made of durable material and sealed by an acid resistant O-ring provides a hermetic enclosure. The CDS 820 is freezer tested to a temperature of -40° F.

Chart Drive PartsPart N° 725 G224
Chart nut

Part N° 625 G070
Chart nut w/chain

Part N° 725 G198
Chart hub
Chart hubs are available
“Contact face” clamps
without twisting or
distorting chart paper.
Four starter threads results in fast tight clamping

Part N° C1081 G004
Push-pull chart hub

Part N° 725 P696
Chart nut

Part N° 725 G190
Clip-down chart hub

Part N° 725 A032
Chart hub

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